Advokatfirman Anita Hellrup

Byrå - Advokatfirman Anita Hellrup
Inriktning - Allmän praktik
Språk - Engelska
Postadress - Norr Mälarstrand 22, 1 tr, 112 20 STOCKHOLM
Växel - 08-651 42 00
Fax - 08-652 12 91
E-post -
Webbadress -
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Advokatfirman Anita Hellrup, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
Verksamma rättsområden: Allmän praktik, Arbetsrätt, Boutredningsman, Brottmål, Familjerätt, Personskaderätt

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  1. My husband is Swedish and I am American Citizen. We have two children under 3 years old. We live in Sweden after my first child was born in U.S.A. I hired Advokat Anita Hellrup to get full custody for both children and divorce while I moved to U.S.A. with my second child. I emailed different lawyers in Sweden but only Advokat Anita Hellrup give attention to my case. She never asks me a consultation fee but she will tell you the cost per hour of her legal service plus the information about legal aid. All I can say that she is really the best lawyer who doesn’t look for money but a fair judgment. She will help you win the case. Two thumbs up. I highly recommend her.

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